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PCB layout EMC review service

Remove EMI issues at their source via practical design recommendations.

Printed Circuitboard layout for EMC review service

John is finalizing a PCB design

John is about to put the PCB design into production but there are some concerns.


John followed checklists but new design risks remain

John fears the PCB layout checklist is too limited. Unfortunately John can't allocate an experienced EMC colleague to review on short notice and the team requires the PCB's as soon as possible.


Will the design be EMC compliant?

Failing EMCs test has a major impact on the project planning and cost.


Will the PCB be functional?

The team depends on a functional design. John knows the risks of EMI and the importance of a good PCB layout. Fingers crossed!


John requests an EMC review

John uploads the design data and can focus to complete other urgent tasks in parallel of the review.


John receives a report with clear recommendations

John corrects the layout before EMC issues become a reality. John remains in control and improves his EMC competence along the way.


John can focus on providing product value

Reduced board revision and patch activities enable focus on providing actual value with the product design.


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EMC certification used to be a notorious process with several iterations. Joost improved our design in an early phase of the project and we passed in one go!

Anonymous - Project manager

Find the EMC issues in your PCB design
before they become a reality


  • Our recommendations are aimed to reduce EMI on board level because PCB layout is the foundation of EMC compliance. As EMC tests are performed on system level we cannot guarantee compliance. Request a consult if you require assistance with EMC aspects that go beyond PCB layout design.

  • Data files are stored on a secure server in Europe. We only use your data for the review. Data will be deleted 1 month after delivery of the recommendation report. See our terms for more information.

  • Tools that can export in ODB++ data format. Submitting ODB++ data and a .pdf schematic is sufficient.

  • When the copper layer designs of the PCB are finished. The review can often be performed in parallel to a Mechanical review of the PCB.

  • Yes, that is a smart strategy. Request a consult so we can tackle the main risks on forehand.

  • Yes! Request a consult so we can solve the issue.

  • No. Our service is focused on EMI reduction towards EMC.

Reduce the number
of PCB design iterations

Find EMC issues in your PCB design through a review