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Meet your EMC consultant: Joost Brilman

As an EMC consultant I enjoy combining analytical skills with my practical experience. EMI issues cause a lot of frustration, delay, cost and (physical) waste, this makes me feel sad as most of these issues can be prevented. I help engineers to 'fail fast' by flagging and solving EMC issues before they appear in a later stage.

Joost Brilman EMC consultant

15+ years experience

I have developed Power Electronics systems in the range from 1 W up to 600 kW, solving EMI issues along the way. After all those years my passion for practical EMI aspects enabled me to guide electrical system developers towards an EMC compliant product.

It's all physics in the end

Electromagnetic Compatibility is often referred to as 'black magic' because it is invisible and the principles can be counter intuitive. In the end it is all physics. To share the insights every layout recommendation will be accompanied with a description of the 'why'.

Let's connect

I am looking forward to hear your story. Let's connect!

-Joost Brilman

Reduce the number of PCB design iterations

Find EMC issues in your PCB design through a review.